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Our Services

Originally specialising in stripwood and other scale wood products for the model craftsman, things have grown over time, particularly with the purchase of a line of detail parts for 1:64 and 1:34 scales and the agency for Microengineering track products. This company was born out of Paul’s frustration of modeling in an unusual scale and not being able to get the materials necessary to do a professional job, for a reasonable price.

Due to the volume of enquiries from Australia, we now have an Australian account available to simplify receiving payment from our Dinkum Aussie mates and avoid those nasty foreign exchange fees

At present we:

  • manufacture our own stripwood, from a wide variety of timbers.
  • manufacture laser cut windows and doors
  • manufacture kits and bits by Rapid Prototyping- that’s printing plastic in 3D
  • stock Microengineering rail, sleepers and preassembled track components
  • stock useful bits and pieces such as 12V micro lightbulbs, turnout lever kits- see our pricelist!


(coming soon)

Who Are We?

Woodsworks is run by Paul and Claire Woods, a husband and wife team located in Whangarei New Zealand. Paul’s engineering and draughting background combined with a love of working with timber and machinery has gradually evolved into a commercial enterprise. Claire’s business administration experience keeps Paul organised and the business running smoothly.